System Owner

The Government civilian or military person or organization responsible for introduction or operation of an IS used by or in support of the Army. The SO is responsible for ensuring the security of the IS as long as it remains in Army inventory, or until transferred (temporarily or permanently) to another Government person or organization and such transfer is appropriately documented and provided as an artifact to the accreditation package. If a contractor provides IA services to a system with the intent of meeting some or all of the SOs IA responsibilities, the IA responsibilities do not shift from the Government SO to the contractor. The Government SO remains responsible for ensuring that the IA services are provided. The Government SO may charge the IAM with authority to perform many of the SO IA duties, if appropriate; however, final responsibility will remain with the SO. The SO could be a product, program or project manager, a staff or command element that purchases or develops IT equipment and systems, a DOIM or anyone else who is responsible for an IS. The SO is responsible for ensuring that all IA requirements are identified and included in the design, acquisition, installation, operation, maintenance, upgrade or replacement of all DA IS in accordance with DODD 8500.1.

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