Shipping Weight (SWT)

The shipping weight is the weight in kilograms, which includes the weight of the commodity, as well as the weight of normal packaging, such as boxes, crates, barrels, etc.  The shipping weight is required for exports by air, vessel, rail, and truck, and required for exports of household goods transported by all methods.  For exports (except household goods) by mail, fixed transport (pipeline), or other valid methods, the shipping weight is not required and shall be reported as zero.  For containerized cargo in lift vans, cargo vans, or similar substantial outer containers, the weight of such containers is not included in the shipping weight.  If the shipping weight is not available for each Schedule B orHTSA item included in one or more containers, the approximate shipping weight for each item is estimated and reported.  The total of these estimated weights equals the actual shipping weight of the entire container or containers.

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