School Activity Vehicle

"School activity vehicle" means a vehicle, other than a school bus, that is used to transport students to or from authorized school activities and that is not described by any of the following:

(1) A vehicle subject to ORS 825.100 (Certificate or permit required for commercial transportation of persons or property on public highways) or a vehicle under regulation of the United States Department of Transportation or the Interstate Commerce Commission.

(2) A vehicle, commonly known as a private passenger car or private passenger van, that is used by the owner of the vehicle or a relative of the owner of the vehicle for personal transportation of students to or from school activities and is not used for compensation except for the sharing of expenses in a ridesharing arrangement or reimbursement of mileage.

(3) A vehicle that is exempted from regulation as a school activity vehicle under ORS 820.150 (Rules for exemption of certain vehicles from Oregon Vehicle Code).

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