Performance Goals

“Performance Goals” means the goal(s) (or combined goal(s)) determined by the Committee (in its discretion) to be applicable to a Participant with respect to an Award. As determined by the Committee, the Performance Goals applicable to an Award may provide for a targeted level or levels of achievement using one or more of the following measures: (a) Annual Revenue, (b) Cash Position, (c) Earnings Per Share, (d) Net Income, (e) Operating Cash Flow, (f) Operating Income, (g) Return on Assets, (h) Return on Equity, (i) Return on Sales, (j) Total Stockholder Return, and (k) Individual Performance Objectives. The Performance Goals may differ from Participant to Participant and from Award to Award. The Committee shall appropriately adjust any evaluation of performance under a Performance Goal to exclude (i) any extraordinary non-recurring items as described in Accounting Principles Board Opinion No. 30 and/or in management’s discussion and analysis of financial conditions and results of operations appearing in the Company’s annual report to shareholders for the applicable year, or (ii) the effect of any changes in accounting principles affecting the Company’s or a business units’ reported results.
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