1. US citizens who may be ordered to evacuate by competent authority include: a. civilian employees of all agencies of the US Government and their dependents, except as noted in 2a below; b. military personnel of the Armed Forces of the United States specifically designated for evacuation as noncombatants; and c. dependents of members of the Armed Forces of the United States. 2. US (and non-US) citizens who may be authorized or assisted (but not necessarily ordered to evacuate) by competent authority include: a. civilian employees of US Government agencies and their dependents, who are residents in the country concerned on their own volition, but express the willingness to be evacuated; b. private US citizens and their dependents; c. military personnel and dependents of members of the Armed Forces of the United States outlined in 1c above, short of an ordered evacuation; and d. designated personnel, including dependents of persons listed in 1a through 1c above, as prescribed by the Department of State.

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