Information Technology Facility

An organizationally defined set of personnel, hardware, software, and physical facilities, operated within or on behalf of DoD, a primary function of which is the operation of information technology. An ITF includes:

1.  The personnel who operate computers or telecommunications systems; develop or maintain software; provide user liaison and training; schedule computers; prepare and control input data; control, reproduce, and distribute output data; maintain tape and disk libraries; provide security; and provide direct administrative support to personnel engaged in these activities.

2. The owned or leased computer and telecommunications hardware, including central processing units; associated peripheral equipment such as disk drives, tape drives, printers, and consoles; data entry equipment; telecommunications equipment including control units, terminals, modems, and dedicated telephone and satellite links provided by the facility to enable data transfer and access to users. Hardware acquired and maintained by users of the facility is excluded.

3. The software, including operating system software, utilities, sorts, language processors, access methods, data base processors, and similar multi-user software required by the facility for support of the facility and/or general use by users of the facility. All software ac- quired or maintained by users of the facility is excluded.

4. The physical facilities, including computer rooms, tape and disk libraries, stockrooms and warehouse space, office space, and physical fixtures.

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