Guaranteed Loan
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Guaranteed Loan

A nonfederal loan to which a federal guarantee is attached. The loan principal is recorded as a guaranteed loan regardless of whether the federal guarantee is full or partial. For the purposes of the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990 (FCRA), a loan guarantee is defined as any guarantee, insurance, or other pledge with respect to the payment of all or a part of the principal or interest on any debt obligation of a nonfederal borrower to a nonfederal lender, but does not include the insurance of deposits, shares, or other withdrawable accounts in financial institutions. Under credit reform, the budget records the credit subsidy cost of guaranteed loans as outlays. The subsidies are paid to the guaranteed loan financing accounts, which hold these uninvested funds to serve as a reserve against future loan defaults or other payments to lenders.  

Guaranteed Loan

A contingent liability created when the Government insures the private lender who disbursed the funds that the lender will be repaid to the extent of the amount or percentage guaranteed in the event of default by the debtor; a DoD Component pledge to pay part or all of the loan principal and interest to a lender, or holder, of a security in the event of default by a third party borrower.

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