Food handler
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Food handler

Food handler means

  • Any person employed in or operating a food establishment, including but not limited to an employer, the permit holder, a person in charge, a person having supervisory or managerial duties, a person on the payroll, a family member, a volunteer, a person performing work under contractual agreement, an employee or other natural person who handles, stores, transports, prepares, manufactures, serves, or sells food, or who comes in contact with eating or cooking utensils or other equipment used in the handling, preparation, manufacture, service, or sale of food, or any other person working in a food establishment.
  • The term does not include a person who only handles food that is permanently sealed or packaged for sale directly to the consumer and who, if the food is potentially hazardous, handles the food only occasionally or incidentally outside the normal and usual course and scope of his responsibilities or employment.
  • Temporary trainers, guest chefs and other personnel working at a food establishment less than 14 days are exempt from obtaining health cards.
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