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Another term that is meaningless unless it is used within a specific context. For example: a silver bowl cannot be described as simply an "early silver bowl" even if it was made in 1810. If it was, it is an "early Nineteenth Century bowl," but if it was made by Paul Revere (who worked from ca. 1775 to ca. 1815) it is not an "early Paul Revere bowl." Relative to the dates of Revere's career as a silversmith the bowl is a "late" Paul Revere bowl. Usually, one cannot say "early" without some additional qualification. An exception would be, for example, "early automobile" which suggests an auto from ca. 1890, i.e. near the beginning of all automobiles (although some purists claim the origin of self-propelled vehicles was over 200 years earlier!) An "early knife" would be from the Stone Age.


Native perennial forbs and other native grasses dominate over the potential natural (native species) community perennial bunchgrasses. Bare ground is equivalent to or greater in cover than other surface features (rock, gravel, microbiotic crusts, litter).

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