E-Selectin Antagonist GMI-1271
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A synthetic, glycomimetic molecule and E-selectin (CD62E) antagonist, with potential anti-thrombotic, antineoplastic and chemopotentiating activities. Upon administration, GMI-1271 binds to E-selectin expressed on endothelial cells and prevents their interaction with selectin-E ligand-expressing cancer cells. This may prevent tumor cell activation, migration and metastasis. GMI-1271 also interferes with the binding of selectin E-expressing vascular endothelial cells to selectin-E ligand-expressing monocytes and neutrophils, thereby disrupting their activation. Consequently, this inhibits both the activation of the coagulation cascade and thrombus formation. This agent also prevents both leukocyte activation and inflammation. E-selectin is a cell adhesion molecule involved in cell rolling, signaling and chemotaxis; it also plays a crucial role in inflammatory processes and cancer.

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