Course of Action

1. Any sequence of acts that an individual or unit may follow. 2. A possible plan openbto an individual or command that would accomplish or is related to the accomplishment of his mission. 3. The scheme adopted to accomplish a job or mission. 4. A line of conduct in an engagement. 5. A plan to accomplish a mission. It describes the execution concept for BMD of North America. It will specify the engagement priorities, resource allocation and desired results by Area of Operation (AO). (USSPACECOM) 6. The scheme adopted to accomplish a task or mission. It is a product of the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System concept development phase. The supported commander will include a recommended course of action in the commander’s estimate. The recommended course of action will include the concept of operations, evaluation of supportability estimates of supporting organizations, and an integrated time-phased data base of combat, combat support, and combat service support forces and sustainment. Refinement of this data base will be contingent on the time available for course of action development. When approved, the course of action becomes the basis for the development of an operation plan or operation order.

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