Committee Director

"Committee director" means any person who directly and substantially participates in decision-making on behalf of a political committee concerning the solicitation or expenditure of funds and the support of or opposition to candidates or measures. The officers of a political party shall be considered the directors of any political party committee of that party, unless otherwise provided in the party's bylaws.

(3)(a) Except as provided in ORS 260.007 (Exclusions from definitions of contribution and expenditure), "contribute" or "contribution" includes:

(A) The payment, loan, gift, forgiving of indebtedness, or furnishing without equivalent compensation or consideration, of money, services other than personal services for which no compensation is asked or given, supplies, equipment or any other thing of value:

(i) For the purpose of influencing an election for public office or an election on a measure, or of reducing the debt of a candidate for nomination or election to public office or the debt of a political committee; or

(ii) To or on behalf of a candidate, political committee or measure; and

(B) Any unfulfilled pledge, subscription, agreement or promise, whether or not legally enforceable, to make a contribution.

(b) Regarding a contribution made for compensation or consideration of less than equivalent value, only the excess value of it shall be considered a contribution.

(4)(a) "Controlled committee" means a political committee that, in connection with the making of contributions or expenditures:

(A) Is controlled directly or indirectly by a candidate or a controlled committee; or

(B) Acts jointly with a candidate or controlled committee.

(b) For purposes of this subsection, a candidate controls a political committee if:

(A) The candidate, the candidate's agent, a member of the candidate's immediate family or any other political committee that the candidate controls has a significant influence on the actions or decisions of the political committee; or

(B) The candidate's principal campaign committee and the political committee both have the candidate or a member of the candidate's immediate family as a treasurer or director.

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