Brand Inspection Certificate

"Brand inspection certificate" means a document issued by the department that is valid for eight days, unless otherwise specified therein, and that includes:

(a) The date and place of issuance;

(b) The quantity of livestock inspected and a description of the distinguishing characteristics of hides or of livestock examined, including brands, tags, breed and sex;

(c) The name and address of the person to whom issued and the name and address of the owner;

(d) If the livestock are to be transported, the destination;

(e) A statement of any limitation on the use of the certificate, or on its period of validity; and

(f) A signed certification of the department's brand inspector that the brand inspector has examined the described hides or livestock and documents associated therewith and that to the best of the inspector's knowledge the hides or livestock are owned or in the lawful possession of the person presenting the hides or livestock for brand inspection.

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