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Our mission is to lead people and organizations on the journey to hybrid Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing offers a dramatically more efficient computing model that helps transform IT from a cost center to a value-driver. We support a broad range of customers around the world, in every major industry, in the public and private sectors, and of sizes ranging from the Fortune Global 500 to small-sized businesses. We manage our business in two broad categories: EMC Information Infrastructure and VMware Virtual Infrastructure. As data centers move to a Cloud Computing model, managing information will be central to their operations. EMC Information Infrastructure provides a foundation for organizations to store, manage, protect, analyze and secure their vast and ever-increasing quantities of information, improve business agility, lower cost of ownership and enhance their competitive advantage within traditional data centers, virtual data centers and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Infrastructure for Cloud Computing is much more agile and efficient - this is achieved though virtualization. VMware Virtual Infrastructure, which is represented by EMC's majority equity stake in VMware, Inc., is the leader in virtualization infrastructure solutions.