Fire and fuels management: Fire and fuels management: Definitions, Ambiguous Terminology and References
111 definitions by The U.S. National Park Service

Active Crown FireAppropriate Management ResourceAvailable Canopy FuelAvailable FuelBackfiringBackfiringBacking FireBiomassBlacklineBurn Severity, Depth of Burn, Ground CharCanopy Base HeightCanopy Bulk DensityCanopy DensityCanopy FuelsCatastrophic FireChainCohortConditional Surface FireConfineContainControlCover TypeCreeping FireCrown Base HeightCrown Bulk DensityCrown FireCrown Fire CessationCrown Fire HazardCrowning IndexEntrapmentEnvironmental ConditionsFire Behavior - Crown FiresFire Behavior - Ground Fires (Paysen et al., 2000)Fire Behavior - Surface FiresFire Behavior - Total Heat ReleaseFire CycleFire DurationFire EnvironmentFire FrequencyFire Hazard (Potential)Fireline IntensityFire Management PlanFire RegimeFire Regime Condition ClassFire Return IntervalFire RiskFire RotationFire SeverityFire Shelter DeploymentFire Spreading RateFire TypeFlame LengthFlaming FrontFlanking FireFoliar Moisture ContentFoliar Moisture EffectFrontal Fire IntensityFuel - Available FuelFuel ComplexFuel ContinuityFuel LoadingFuel ModelFuel Moisture ContentFuel Strata GapFuel StratumFuel - Total FuelFuel TreatmentsFull-Range Fire Behavior SimulationGound FuelsGround Fire (or Surface Fire)Hazardous Fuels ReductionHeading FireHysteresisIncidentIncident CommanderIndependent Crown FireIndependent Crown FireInitial AttackLadder FuelsLine OfficerMass-Flow RateObjectivePassive Crown FirePlume-Dominated FirePreparednessPrescribed FirePrescriptionPresuppressionReburnSite CharacteristicsSpot FireStrategySuppressionSurface FireSurface FuelsSurfacing IndexTacticsTimelag ClassTorching FireTorching IndexTotal BiomassTotal Fuel LoadTransitionTypeUnderstory FireValues to be Protected, or Values at RiskWildland FireWildland Fire Situation AnalysisWildland-Urban InterfaceWind-Driven FireWind Reduction Factor
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