Glossary For File Format For Levels Version 7.3
118 definitions by Standard & Poor's Securities, Inc.

Adherence To Standard & Poor's File FormatAlt-AAnnual Payment CapAnti-Predatory Lending CategoryBAppraisal DateAppraised ValueAsset VerificationAutomated Valuation ModelBalloon LoanBorrower and Co-Borrower Disposable IncomeBorrower Credit QualityBorrower IncomeBorrower Residency StatusBuy-Down Mortgage LoanCash-Out Refinance Mortgage LoanCash Reserves at ClosingClosing Date of LoanCombined Current Loan BalanceCombined Original LTV RatioCondominiumConstruction to Permanent Mortgage LoanCooperativeCovered LoanCurrent Delinquency StatusCurrent FICO ScoreCurrent Interest RateCurrent Loan BalanceCurrent VantageScoreCutoff DateDate of Mortgage ScoreDebt Consolidation LoanDue Diligence Event GradesFICO ScoreFirst Payment DateFixed-Rate Mortgage LoanForeign NationalGEM LoanGPM LoanHigh-CLTV Mortgage LoanHigh-Cost LoanHome Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Mortgage LoanHome Improvement Mortgage LoanHome LoanHousing Debt-To-Income RatioInterest Rate Adjustment FrequencyInvestor-Owned PropertyLength of Employment of the Borrower at Present JobLifetime Maximum RateLoan Origination SourceManufactured HousingMarginMaster ServicerMixed-Use PropertyMobile HomeModular or Prefabricated HomeMortgage Insurance CoverageMortgage Payment MethodMortgage ScoreNegative Amortization LimitNegative Amortization LoanNextGen FICO ScoreNonperforming LoanNumber Of Months Of Reserves At ClosingOriginal FICO Score (If Different From Current FICO Score)Original Interest RateOriginal Loan BalanceOriginal LTV RatioOriginal Temporary Interest Rate PeriodOriginal TermOriginal VantageScore (If Different From Current VantageScore)Originator Of The LoanOwner-Occupied PropertyPay HistoryPeriodic Rate Cap On First Adjustment DatePeriodic Rate Cap Subsequent To First Adjustment DatePermanent Resident AlienPlanned Unit DevelopmentPool Size FactorPrepayment Penalty IndicatorPrepayment Penalty TermPrepayment Penalty TypePrimary Mortgage InsurerPrimary ResidencePrimary ServicerPrime/Conforming Mortgage LoanPrime/Jumbo Mortgage LoanPrincipal, Interest, Taxes, And Insurance (PITI) Payment AmountProperty AddressPurchase Money Mortgage LoanRate/Term Refinance Mortgage LoanRaw LandRefinance Loan’s Prior Loan Origination DateRefinance Loan’s Prior Loan Purchase PriceRemaining Amortization Term To MaturityRemaining Number of Payments To MaturityReperforming LoanReverse Mortgage LoanRisk GradesSales PriceSecond HomeSecond-Lien Mortgage LoanSelf-Employed BorrowerSimultaneous Second-Mortgage LoanSingle-Family ResidenceSpecial ServicerStated ValueSubprime/Home Equity Mortgage LoanTax LienThree- And Four-Family PropertyTitle I Mortgage LoanTotal-Debt-To-Income RatioTotal Other DebtTwo-Family PropertyTwo-Step Mortgage LoanU.S. CitizenValidated Automated Underwriting SystemVA Mortgage LoanVantageScore
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