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W-2 W-2 Form, Wage and Tax Statement W-2 Reporting W-4 W-4 Form, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate W-CDMA (Wireless code division multiple access) W.M. (W/M) W3C WA Coupon/WA Note Rate (%) WA Current Accruing Note Rate (A/360) (%) WA Current Loan Age (Months) WA Current Loan Margin (%) (aka WA Current ARM or Mortgage Margin) WA Current MBS Margin (%) WA Current Note Rate (%) WA Issuance Loan Age (Months) WA Issuance Loan to Value (%) WA Issuance MBS Margin (%) WA Issuance Note Rate (%) WA Issuance Note Rate (A/360) (%) WA Issuance Pass-Through Rate (%) WA Issuance Pass-Through Rate (A/360) (%) WA Lifetime Cap (%) WA Lifetime Floor (%) WA Lifetime Pass Through Cap (%) WA Lifetime Pass Through Floor (%) WA Loan Margin (%) WA Maximum Pool Accrual Rate (%) WA MBS Margin (%) WA MBS Margin (%) (A/360) WA Minimum Pool Accrual Rate (%) WA Months to Interest Rate Change WA Negative Amortization Limit (%) WA Original Amortization Term WA Original Loan Term (Months) WA Original Maturity Term (Months) WA Pass-Through Rate (WA PTR) (%) WA Prepayment Premium Term WA Prepayment Premium Term (Months) WA Remaining Amortization Term (Months) WA Remaining Term to Maturity (Months) Waardenburg Syndrome WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) WAC WAC (Weighted Average Coupon) Wac Arm Guarantor Contract WAC Arm PC Waco District WACOG Wadi WAE-Core WAE-Edge Wafer Wafer Chip-Scale Package [WCSP] Wafer Used Waferboards Wafers Wafers Used Waffle Waffle Cloth Wage Wage and Hour Administration Wage and Labour Costs Wage and Salary Workers Wage Area Wage Assignment Wage Assignment/ IWO Wage Attachment Wage Board Employees Wage Change Survey, Under the Federal Wage System Wage Determination Wage Differentials Wage Drift Wage Employees Wage Freeze Wage Garnishment Wage Indexation (for Pension Benefits) Wage Leadership Wage Loss Wage Pattern Wage Progression Wage Rate Wage Rates Wage Scale (Wage Schedule) Wage Structure Wage Tax Wage Withholding Wages Wages and Salaries Wages and Salaries – Eurostat Wages and Salaries – SNA Wages and Salaries in Cash Wages and Salaries in Kind Wages and Salaries, Armed Forces Wages and Salaries, Civilians Wagon Wagon for Intermodal Transport