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p P & I P MAX P Sample P System P&I (shipping) P&I Custodial Account P&S (Purchase and Sale Statement) P+ P-32 P-Anisidine Value P-Cadherin Antagonist PF-03732010 P-Cadherin Inhibitor PCA062 P-Cadherin-Targeting Agent PF-06671008 P-Channel P-Factor P-Glycoprotein P-Glycoprotein Inhibitor HM30181AK P-i-n P-Mosfet P-P68 Inhibitor RX-5902 P-Percent Rule P-Type P-Type Conductivity P-type semiconductor P-Value P. M. (Premium Money; Push Money) P.I.L.O.T. (Payments-in-Lieu-of-Tax) P.L. 93-638 - Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, as Amended P.R. 1 P/CRCL Outreach Plan P/E Ranges P/E Ratio P/E Ratio, 5-Year High P/E Ratio, 5-Year Low P/n P1-Derived Artificial Chromosome P110beta/Delta Pi3k Inhibitor Gs-9820 P2P (Peer-to-peer) P3 Guidelines P30 Cancer Center Support Grant P38 MAPK Inhibitor LY2228820 Dimesylate P38 MAPK Inhibitor LY3007113 P38/Tie2 Kinase Inhibitor Arry-614 P3P P53 Gene P53 Peptide Vaccine P53 Synthetic Long Peptide (70-251) Vaccine P53-HDM2 Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitor MI-773 P53/HDM2 Interaction Inhibitor CGM097 P70S6K Inhibitor LY2584702 P70S6K/Akt Inhibitor MSC2363318A P97 Inhibitor CB-5083 PA Criteria PA Denial PA/NJ Reciprocal Income Tax Agreement Paasche and Laspeyres Bounding Test Paasche Index Paasche Price Index Paasche Type PPP Paasche Volume Index Paasche-Laspeyres-Spread (PLS) PAC Component PAC or Planned Amortization Class PAC or Planned Authorization Class Pace Pace Car Pace Notes Pace‑Setter Pacemaker PACER PACFISH Pachytene Pachytene Stage Pacifi c Coast Fisheries Information Network Pacific Beef Market Pacific Coast Fisheries Information Network Pacific Countries Pacific Decadal Oscillation Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) Pacific Decadal Oscillation(3) Pacific Decadal Variability Pacific Deep Water Pacific Disaster Center Pacific Flyway Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Pacific High Pacific Islander Pacific Islanders Pacific Northwest Pacific Rim Pacific Route FAA Slot Pacific Route Foreign Aviation Authorities Pacific Route Gate Leaseholds Pacific Route Supporting Route Facilities Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission