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O O Ring O&M O&M Costs O'Fallons Scanner O(6)-Benzylguanine O*NET O-1 Visa O-2 Visa O-day O-Ring O6-Benzylguanine Oak Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Oakar Amendment Oakley Oakum Oal Tipple OAS (Option-Adjusted Spread) Oases Oasis Effect Oat Biscuit Oat Cell Cancer Oath Oath (or Affirmation) of Office OATH Administrative Law Judge Oath of Allegiance OATH OF OFFICE Oath of Office OATH Tribunal Obatoclax Obatoclax Mesylate Obb (Opening break bumper) / Cbb (Closing break bumper) Oberwind Obese Obesity Obinutuzumab Obiter Dictum Object Object (Objection) Object Objection Object (PREMIS term) Object Category Object Class Object Class Term Object Classification Object Code Object Code, Controller Object Containment Hierarchy Object Conversion Object File Object Format Converter Object Free Area Object Graph Object Group Object Holder Object Identifier Object Instance Object Library Object Marker Object of Antiquity Object of Expenditure (Objects) Object of Expenditure, Departmental Object of Revenue, Departmental Object Oriented Programming Object Permanence Object Program Object Rate (Max) Object Relations Theory Object Reuse Object Specifier Object Track Object Wrapper Object-First Command Object-Oriented Object-Oriented Analysis Object-Oriented Languages Object-Relational Mapping Objection Objection Overruled Objection Sustained Objection to Exemptions Objection to Support Magistrate’s Order Objective Objective Analysis Objective Area Objective Assessment Objective Clinical or Laboratory Finding Objective Data Objective Environment Objective Findings Objective Forecast Objective Function Objective Improvement Objective Lens Objective Measurable Criteria