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M M Component M Meter M Protein M,edian Survival M-21 Remote Sensing Chemical Agent Automatic Alarm (RSCAAL) M-90 Automatic Agent Detector (AMAD) M-93 and M-93A1 FOX M-Azidopyrimethamine M-bag M-day M-Region M.C. Number M.D. M.G.L. c. 71B Approved Private School M.S. M.V. M1 M1 (Narrow Money) M100 M11 Portable Decontaminating Apparatus M13 Portable Decontaminating Apparatus M17 Lightweight Decontamination System (LDS) M17 Protective Mask M18A2 Chemical Agent Detector Kit M2 M2 (Intermediate Money) M200 M22 Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm (ACADA) M256 Kit M256A1 Chemical Agent Detector Kit M258A1 Skin Decontamination Kit M272 Water Testing Kit M291 Skin Decontamination Kit M3 M3 (Broad Money) M31 Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS) M34 Soil Sampling Kit M40/M42 Chemical/Biological Protective Mask M8 Chemical Agent Detection Paper M8 Chemical Agent Detector Paper M85 M87o-Transduced CD34+ Peripheral Blood Stem Cells M8A1 Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm (ACAA) System M9 Chemical Agent Detection Paper M90 DIA Chemical Agent Detector (CAD) Ma Ma Huang MA-CUG MA-PD Plan Maar Maastricht Reference Values for Public Debt and Deficits Maastricht Treaty Maastrichtian Mabe Pearl Mac MAC Address Mac App Store Mac Hardware Products Mac Kelvey Box Mac mini Mac OS X Mac Pro MACA Macaroni String Macaulay Duration Macaulay's Duration MAC™ Batch System Certification MAC™ Gold System Certification MacBook MacBook Air MacBook Pro Mace Macer Maceral Macerate Macerated Macerating Toilet System Maceration Mach Mach Number Mach Port Dispatch Source Mach Server Mach Stem Mach Technique Mach-O Mach-Stem Wave Machinability machinable Machinable Parcel Machine Machine Adjuster (or Machines Adjuster and Repairer; or Machine Setter-Up or Mechanic) Machine Built Machine Count Machine Cryptosystem Machine Dependent