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Halos(6) Halsted Radical Mastectomy Halt [Geographical Point] Halt [Scheduled] Halt [Unscheduled] Halter Halter Top Halts Hamaker Constant Hamartoma Hammer Down Hammer Drill Hammer Energy Hammer Mill Hammermill Hamper Hampshire Hampton Roads Hamster Test Hamular Hamulus Han Characters Han Unification Hand Hand (Manipulate) Hand Baggage Hand Bender(or Hand Bender-Up; or Hand Shaper; or Hand End Turner) Hand Box Maker (or Bench Worker, or Box Ender, or Round-Box Maker, or Out and Out Worker, or Maker of Fancy, Special, and Sample Boxes or Cases) Hand Cancellation Hand Carrier Hand Crew Hand delivery Hand Digging Hand Erect Hand Feeding Tool Hand Held Computer Hand Hygiene Hand Labor Hand Line Hand Loading Hand Made Hand Pile Hand Ride Hand Stripper (or Hand Coverer; or Hand Box Coverer; or Hand Labeler; or Topper, Hand; or Bench Worker; or Table Worker; or Hand Top Labeler; or Hand Worker.) Hand tool Cleaning Hand washing sink Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Hand-Actuated; Hand-Operated Hand-Assisted Laparoscopy Hand-Back Service Hand-Coloring Hand-Engrossed Hand-Foot Syndrome Hand-out Bill Hand-Stamped Cancellation Hand-Tied Handbook Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation Handbrake Type Code and Weight Handcuffs Handgun Handgun Roster Handicap Handicap-Free Life Expectancy Handicapped Handicapped Centers Handicapped Entrance Handicapped Individual Handicapped Passenger Handicapped Person Handicapped Services Handicapped Workers Handicapper Handicraft System Handily Handkerchief linen Handle Handle Via Special Access Control Channels Only Handle-Lever Handle-Member Handler Handler Chain Handler Reference Atom Handline Handling Charge Handling Cylinders Handling Fee Handling of Hazardous Materials Handling of Requests (for Infrastructure Capacity, International Train Paths, etc) Handling Operation Handling Point Handling Services Handmade Handoff Handoff Date Handoff Site