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Fuse Plug Spillway Fused Fusee Fuselage Fusible Fusidic Acid/betamethasone Valerate Topical Cream Fusiform Fusion Fusion Bonding Fusion Center Fusion Center Customers Fusion Energy Fusion Gene Fusion Inhibitor Fusion Liaison Officer (FLO) Fusion Process Fusion Protein Fusion Reaction Fusion [Stars/Carts] Fusion/Data fusion Futile Call Futile Medical Treatment Future Future Average Daily Traffic Future Future Business Future Claims Future Common Expenses Future Conditions Flood Future Conditions Flood Elevation Future Conditions Flood Hazard Area Future Conditions Hydrology Future Contraction Future Damages Future Division Plan Future Economic Benefit Future Farmers of America Future Income Taxes Future Interest Future Liability Future Loss of Earnings Future Needs Future Old Growth Future Purchase Option (FPO) Future Responsibility Filing Future Value Future Without Future Years Defense Program Future/Delayed Delivery FutureGen Alliance Futures Futures Commission Merchant Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) Futures Commission Merchants Futures Contract Futures Contracts – BPM Futures Contracts – SNA Futures equivalent Futures Exchange Futures Industry Association Futures Industry Association (FIA) Futures Market Futures or Options Exchange Futures Price Futures Trading Futures-equivalent Futurity Fuze Fuzzball Fuzzing Fuzzy Knowledge Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Search Fuzzy Set Fuzzy Variable FWS FX Disruption Event FX Inbound Valuation Disruption Event FX Market Committee FX Reserve Percentage FX Swap FX Trading Office FY (Fiscal Year) FY1, FY2