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Fair Presentation Framework Fair Price Provision Fair Rental Price Fair Rental Value Fair Territory Fair Use Fair Value Fair Value (Futures) Fair Value (Options) Fair Value - IMF Fair Value - OECD Fair Value Accounting Fair Value Hedge Fair Value Hierarchy Fair Value less Costs to Sell Fair Value Less Costs to Sell (of an asset) Fair, Issaac’s Webstation Fair-Weather Electricity Fairbanks Meridian Fairfax County Identification Number Fairfax County Unified System (FOCUS) Fairing Fairness Fairness Letter Fairness Opinion Fairplay Fairway Faith Based Organization Faith-based organization FAK Inhibitor GSK2256098 FAK Inhibitor PF-00562271 FAK Inhibitor VS-4718 Fake Fake news Falcate Falciform Falcon System Falconidae Falculate Falimarev Falkland Current Fall Fall Census Enrollment Fall Cohort Fall Due Fall Enrollment Fall Equinox Fall Freeze Date Fall Freeze Date(6) Fall Line Fall River System Fall Staff Fall Streaks Fall Streaks(6) Fall Term Fall Wind Fall Zone Fall/Winter Season Fallback Capability Fallback Keys Fallback Line Fallen Angels Faller Falling Falling Dune Falling Number Falling Sphere Falling Tide Falling Weight Deflectometer Falling Yield Curve Fallopian Tube Fallopian Tube Cancer Fallopian Tube(s) Fallopian Tubes Falloscopy Fallout Fallout Winds Fallow Fallowing - OECD Fallowing - UN Falls Falls by Patients False Acceptance False Acceptance Rate False Alarm False Alarm Password False Arrest False Arrest/False Imprisonment False Billing False Color False Entity False Favorite False Flag False Hit (also False Drop) False Imprisonment False Match Rate