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Facility Three Facility Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard (TEMPEST) Zone (FTZ) Facility Two Facility-of-Payment Provision Facing Facing Element Facing Identification Mark Facing Slip Facing Table FacIT Region Facsimile Facsimile (Fax) Facsimile Chart Facsimile Devices (FAX) Facsimile Equipment Facsimile Signature Facsimile Signatures Facsimile Transmission Fact and Opinion FACT Complex-Targeting Curaxin CBL0137 Fact Finder Fact Finding Fact Finding and Disposition Hearing Fact Finding Only Hearing Fact-finding Fact-Finding Hearing Factfinding Board Factor Factor Analysis Factor Betas Factor Bonds Factor Cost Factor Covariance Matrix Factor Effective Date Factor Evaluation System Factor Incomes Factor of Safety Factor Push Factor Reversal Test Factor Risk Premium Factor Sensitivity Factor VII Factor VIIa Inhibitor PCI-27483 Factor Viii Factor-Model-Based Benchmark Factored Application Factorial Design Factoring Factoring Arrangement Factors Factors of Production Factortame Factory Factory (Class 1) Factory (Class 2) Factory Branch Factory built chimney Factory Charge Factory Gate Price Factory Gate Prices Factory outlet Factory Representative Factory Repurchase Motor Vehicle Factory Repurchase Motorcycle Factory Repurchase Trailer Factory Trawler Factory, Works Factory-Built Building Factory-built chimney Factory-Built Housing Factory-installed, Built-in Child Restraint System FACTS II Factual Database Factually Innocent Faculae Faculae  Facultative Facultative Anaerobic Bacteria Facultative Bacteria Facultative Mutualism Facultative Ponds Facultative Reinsurance Facultative Wetland Species Faculty Faculty Practice Plan Faculty Status Fade Fade Margin Fadeout Fading Fadrozole Hydrochloride Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary Faginism Fahrenheit Fahrenheit (F) Fahrenheit Temperature Scale