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Facies Facilitate Facilitate Sex Trafficking with a Vehicle Facilitated Diffusion Facilitated Discussion Facilitated Oscillatory Release Technique (FOR) Facilitated Positional Release (FPR) Facilitation Facilitative Records Facilitator Facilities Facilities Accreditation Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs (or indirect costs) Facilities And Operations Committee Facilities Capital Cost Of Money Facilities Capital Improvement Facilities Certification Facilities Charge Facilities Construction Commission Facilities Contract Facilities Data Base Facilities Development Levels Facilities for Abused and Neglected Children Facilities for AIDS Patients (not operating costs) Facilities Level Facilities Maintenance (Annual) Facilities Maintenance (Deferred) Facilities Maintenance Levels Facilities Management Facilities Management Plan (FMP) Facilities Plans Facilities Reservation Number Facilities Service Office Facilities Unit Facilities Unit Leader Facilities-based Broadband Provider Facilities-based Mobile Voice Provider Facilities-Based Service Supplier (or Operator) Facility Facility Access Facility Access and Shipment Tracking Facility Access Card Facility Accreditation Facility Address Facility Applicant Facility Based Habilitation-Group Facility Based Habilitation-Individual Facility Based Support Servcies Facility Billing Arrangement Facility Boundary Facility Bypass Facility Certification Facility Charge Facility Clearance Facility Collateral Facility Component Facility Condition Index Facility Deficiency Facility Eight Facility Emergency Coordinator Facility Equivalent Table Facility Fee Facility Fees Facility Five Facility for Handicapped Individuals Facility Four Facility Guarantee Facility Guaranty Facility Interface Code Facility mailing list Facility Maintenance Expenses Facility Maintenance Specialist Facility Manager Facility Maturity Date Facility Nine Facility Office Facility One Facility or activity Facility Performance Category I-ISMLS Facility Period Facility Permit Facility Planning Facility Pollution Prevention Plan Facility Purchase Association Facility Registry System (FRS) Facility Restriction Number Facility Security Clearance (FCL) Facility Security Committee Facility Security Officer Facility Security Officer (FSO) Facility Services Facility Shutdown Facility Six Facility subject to continuous monitoring Facility Substitutes Facility Termination Date