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Data Management Data Management Facility Data Management Plan Data Management Services Data Management System Data Mapping Data Marts Data Matching Data Memory Data Memory Address [DMA] Bits Data Memory Page 0 Data Memory Page Pointer [DP] Bits Data Memory Select Pin [DS] Data Migration Data Mining Data Mirroring Data Model Data Modeling Data Monitoring Committee Data Month Data Movement Processor Data Network Identification Code Data Object Data Object Description Data on Terminal Spool Data Origin Authentication Data Other Than Certified Cost Or Pricing Data Data Owner Data Owners Data Page Data Performance Plan Data Performance Plan System Data Point Data Policy Data Portability Data Predesignated Interexchange Carrier Data Presentation Data Processing Data Processing (DP) Data Processing (for the Purpose of this Class) Data Processing Day Data Processing Lease Data Processor Data Producer Data Program Data Protection Data Protection Authority Data Protection Commissioner Data Protection Directive Data Protection Impact Assessment Data Provider Data Provider Code Data Provider Series Key Data Quality Data Quality Act of 2000 Data Quality Assessment Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF) Data Quality Assessment Report Data Quality Health and Status (DQ HandS) Data Quality Objectives Data Quality Office Data Quality Problem Report Data Quality Program Data Quality Reference Site (DQRS) Data Quality Report Data Ram Data Rate Data Read Bus [DRDB] Data Receiver Code Data Recipient Data Reconciliation Data Reconnaissance Data Record Data Recovery Services Data Redundancy Data Reference Data Reference Model Data Release Number Data Remanence Data Replication Data Reporting Date Data reporting threshold Data request Data Resource Data Retention Data Retention Directive Data Review Data Revision System Data Revisions Data Room Documents Data Run Data Safeguards Data Security Data Service Unit Data Set Data Set (also Dataset)