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D Rules D&C D'alembert's Paradox D-1 Form D-1-A Form D-1MT D-2 Form D-20761 D-Analysis D-Codes D-Cycloserine D-day D-Layer D-Methionine Formulation MRX-1024 D-Ratio D-Region D/t or d/t D0- Dn Data Bus Pins D1 D1/3-MAGE-3-His Fusion Protein D2 D50 D65 Da-Huang DAB (Digital audio broadcasting) DAB389 Epidermal Growth Factor Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate Dabrafenib DAC DAC Output Noise DAC Output Noise Density DACA Dacarbazine Dacetuzumab DACH Polymer Platinate AP5346 DACH-Platin Micelle NC-4016 Dacite Daclatasvir Dacliximab Daclizumab Dacogen Dacomitinib Dacriform Dactinomycin Dactyloid Dactylozooid Dadur Daemon DAF (Delivered At Frontier) (...Named Place) Dag Daguerreotype Daidzein Daily Daily Activity Level Daily Average Send-Out Daily Bag Limit Daily Block Proof Summary Daily Book Daily Calendar Daily Change Daily Collections Report Daily Contracted Quantity (DCQ) Daily Defined Dose Daily Dividend Fund Daily Drilling Report Daily Edit Report Daily Factor Daily Flood Peak Daily Forecast Daily High Daily Journal Daily Liquid Assets Daily Liquidity Daily List Daily Living Services Daily Low Daily Margin Interest Accrued Daily Mark to Market Daily Maximum Temperature Daily Mean Daily Minimum Temperature Daily Official List Daily Official List (DOL) Daily Order of Business Daily Periodic Rate Daily Price Limit Daily Processing Daily Range of Temperature Daily Rate Daily Record Daily Reference CPI Daily Reference Values Daily Rental Vehicle Daily Report Daily Retardation Of Tides Daily Scrum