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Calendar-Accident Year Assigned Risk Report Calendar-Accident Year Basis Calendar-Accident Year Capitated Medical Report Calendar-Accident Year Expense Report Calendar-Accident Year Report Calendar-and-Percentage-of-Portfolio Rebalancing Calendar-Year Basis Calendaring Calendars Calender Calender Man Calender Man's Helper Calendering Calendula Officinalis/Plantago Major/Cochlearia Armoracia/ Hamamelis Virginiana Herbal Toothpaste Calendula Ointment Calf (Singular), Calves (Plural) Calfactant CalFile Calfskin Calgranulin A Calgranulin B Caliber Calibrate Calibrate A Detect [CAD] Bit Calibrated Airspeed Calibrated Focal Length Calibration Calibration Constants Calibration Curve Calibration Equipment Calibration Factor Calibration Interval Calibration of An Instrument Calibration Procedure Calibration Requirement Calibration Tank Calibration, Camera Calibration  Calibre Calice Caliche Calicle Calico Calicoblast Calicoblastic Epithelium Calicodermis Caliculate California Advanced Service Fund California Air Resources Board California Black Oak Woodland California Clean Air Act California Climate Action Registry California Coastal Zone California Community Redevelopment Law California Current California Department of Fair Employment and Housing California Education and Research Federation Network California Endangered Species Act California Energy Commission California Environmental Quality Act California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA Pronounced See' quah) California Housing Finance Agency Housing Enabled by Local Partnerships Program (CHFA HELP Program) California Insurance Guarantee Association California Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act California Method California Norther California Plotting Position California Power Exchange California Public Records Act California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) California Relay Service and Communications Device Fund Surcharge California Rules Of Court California Source Deferred Gain California Teleconnect Fund Surcharge California Utility Research Council (CURC) California Workers’ Compensation Institute Calina Caliper Caliper Log Caliper Pig Caliper Rib Motion Caljic Calks Call Call (Covered Warrant) Call (Option) Call (Warrant) Call Address Signal Call Admission Control Call Amount Due Call and Response Call Appearance Call Appearance Identifier Call Ask Price Call Associated Signaling Call Auction