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Abstract of Votes Abstract Property Abstract Syntax Notation 1 Abstract Syntax Notation One Abstract Type Abstracting Service Abstraction ABT-263 ABT-510 ABT-751 ABT-869 ABT-888 Abugida Abundance Abundance Index Abuse Abuse (of Drugs, Substances, Solvents etc.) Abuse (Personal) Abuse of a Dominant Position Abuse of Dominant Position Abuse of Law Abuse of Process Abuse or Neglect Abuse or Neglect of a Child Abuse-Liable Abused and/or Neglected Person Abused Child Abused Juvenile Abused or Neglected Child Abusive Head Trauma Abusive Sexual Contacts Abusive Tax Avoidance Transaction Abut Abutment Abutment Crown Abutment Seepage Abutting Abutting Property ABVD Abvd Regimen ABVE ABVE Regimen ABVE-PC ABVE-PC Regimen ABX-EGF Abyssal Plain Abyssal Zone Abyssalpelagic Zone AC AC Account AC Power AC Regimen AC Transit AC-T AC-T Regimen AC-T-T AC-T-T Regimen AC-Taxol Regimen AC-TH Regimen AC/DC/AC Converter Station ACA (Advisory Committee on Accessibility) Academic Achievement Academic Adviser (AA) Academic Content Standards Academic Language Academic Library Academic Paper Academic Period Academic Program Academic Rank Academic Recovery Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA - R15) Academic Rigor Academic Sector Academic Software Academic Staff Academic Support Academic Support (GASB Aligned form Reporters) Academic Support for Students Academic Training Academic Year Academy File Academy Format Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA) Acadesine Acai Berries Acai Berry Juice Acalabrutinib Acanthaster Acanthocaulus Acanthodians Acanthoid Acanthosis Nigricans Acanthus ACAPHA Acarbose