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Ablation Area Ablation Surface Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents (ABAWD) Able-bodied seaman (AB) Abnormal Abnormal / Degraded / out of Course Situation Abnormal Development Abnormal Disruption of the Market Abnormal End Abnormal Obsolescence Abnormal operating condition Abnormal operation Abnormal Peptide Link Abnormal Pressure Abnormal Psychology Abnormality ABO ABO Blood Group System ABO Blood Groups Aboard ABODE Abolished Position Abolished System Abolishment of Fund Abolitionist Aboral Abort Abort Area Aborted State Abortifacient Abortifacients Abortion Abortion (plants) Abortion-Inducing Drug About Window Above Above Below Par Fund Above Grade Living Area Total Square Feet Above Ground Above Ground Level Above-Average Cap Above-Grade Wall Above-Grade Walls Above-market cost Aboveground Storage Tank Aboveground Storage Tanks ABR ABR Test Abraded Abranchiate Abrash Abrasion Abrasion Platform Abrasion Resistance Abrasive Abrasive blast cleaning Abrasive Blasting Abrasive Cleaners Abraxane Abridgement Abroad Abrogate Abrolhos Squalls Abrupt Climate Change Abrupt Climate Change(14) ABS ABS (Australia) Abscess Abscissa Abscond Absconder Absconding Debtor Absence from Work Due to Illness Absence rate Absence Without Leave Absent - Uniformed Service Absent Elector Absent Parent Absent Parent (AP) Absentee Absentee Ballot Absentee Balloting Materials Absentee Owner Absentee Voting Absenteeism Absolute Absolute Address Absolute Advantage Absolute Altitude Absolute Annual Range of Temperature Absolute Auction Absolute Cavity Radiometer Absolute Contraindication Absolute Control Order Absolute Coordinate System Absolute Date