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Abandoned Child Abandoned Child/Youth Abandoned Infant Abandoned Manufactured Home Abandoned Military Reservation Abandoned Mine Abandoned Motor Vehicle Abandoned Pipeline Abandoned Property Law (also Unclaimed Property Law) Abandoned Sign Abandoned Spray Devices Abandoned Waste Site Abandoned Well Abandonment Abandonment Date Abandonment of a Child Abandonment of a Well Abandonment of Freight Abandonment Of Position Abandonment Of Property Abandonment Option Abandonment or Abandoned Abarelix Abat-Vent Abatacept Abate Abated by Death Abatement Abatement (Rental) Abatement (Tax) Abatement Clause Abatement Cost Abatement Debris Abatement of Action Abatement of Civil Penalty Abatement of Interest Case Abatement/Amended Return Abatis Abaxial Abbreviate Abbreviated Accounts Abbreviated IFR Flight Plans Abbreviated New Drug Application Abbreviated New Drug Application Number Abbreviated Paper Bill Abbreviated Ship Code Abbreviated Vendor Name ABBV-221 ABC Model ABCA1 Pathway ABCD Rating ABCP Abdomen Abdominal Abdominal Cavity Abdominal Fat Abdominal Fin Abdominal Ultrasound Abdominal X-ray Abdominoperineal Resection Abducted child Abduction Abductor Abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia Abeam Abec Rating Abegrin Abemaciclib Aberdeen Aberrant Aberrant Crypt Foci Aberrant Crypt Foci (ACF) Aberrant Date Aberration ABET Abexinostat Abeyance ABI ABI-007 ABIH Abilene District Ability Ability to Pay Ability To Pay Rate Ability-to-Pay Principle Abiogenic Abiotic Abiotic Degradation Abiotic Transformation Abiraterone Acetate Abjad Abl Credit Agreement ABL Facility ABL Finance Obligations ABL Intercreditor Agreement Ablation