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A A & R Tables A and B Rolls A and B Wind Printing A and Z Location And Pulsing A Central Computerized Enforcement Service System A Central Computerized Enforcement Service System (Access)  A Child or Student Placed in Foster Care A Découvert A la carte Offerings A Loan or "A" Paper A Luxury Limousine A Luxury Limousine Base A MENSA ET THORO (Latin) A number A Peer Review A Priori Probability A Programme Language (APL) A Record A Reel A Request for Proposal A Single Risk A Streamlined Acquisition Process A Variable Displacement Pump or Motor A# A&B Bit Signaling A&R statement A+B Bidding A-1 Report A-B-A Design A-Display A-DNA A-Engrossed A-Error Authorization For Override A-Frame Sign A-label A-label Service A-Law A-Law Companding A-line A-line Gown A-line Skirt/Fit and Flare Skirt A-Minus Mortgage A-Pages A-Pillar A-Scale Sound Level A-Space A-testing A-to-D converter A-to-D Converter (analog-todigital) A-Weighted Sound Level A.M. Best Company A/B Exchange A/F A0-An Address Pins A1B Emissions Scenario A2 Emissions Scenario A3 Rating A33 A4 A4 Size A6 AA Lava Aa Lava Flow AAA Aaa-Mf AAA-rated AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies) AAC AAC (Advance audio codec) AAP AAPFCO AARP Probe Packets Aascender Aautosomal Dominant AB AB 664 Ab Initio Ab-Polar Current AB1X 26 and AB1X 27 ABA ABA Number ABA Plea ABA Routing Number Abacavir Sulfate Abaft ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) Abagovomab Abalone Abalone Pearl Abandon Abandoned Abandoned Apiary Abandoned Area Abandoned Ballot Abandoned Call